Tuesday, December 03, 2013

nórdicos também fazem merda 2

jeg descolado? tá bom. mas só se for a porta e os logotipos. e cá pra nós, estes bancos em camuflagem até que nem tanto, mas aquela anteninha com bolinha vermelha quicou toda a minha boa ideia sobre a ikea (e antes que você diga que a ikea - de quem tok-stok copia e copia - é sueca e não dinamarquesa, eu lhe digo que dá na mesma para a dinamarca).


Mike Gurgel said...

This is a german Jeg

celso muniz said...

sorry mike, it´s not a german jeg. it´s a modification, alteration of the authentic brazilian jeg. if it lives in germany it´s not german for this.

Mike Gurgel said...

All Jegs in germany are modificaded by the importer för german laws.
And in addition it was possible to order some ads.
I now this, because I´am the owner of a 1979 Gurgel X-12 TR which was never registrated and an 1978 Dacunha Jeg which was stored in a barn for more than 25 jears.

celso muniz said...

no coments

Sven Goebel said...

Hello everybody!
I`m the owner of this jeg for more than 5 years now. The shown modifications are from another time!
The car was planned for a "tikki-style"-rider, but i`m running out of time and now I m going to sell this last of its species.
We had a great time but now we will divide. By the way: Be happy about the cars, that have become a globetrotter and party the differences. Because everybody has its own taste!

Bye for now